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1. Two usage for cold and hot laminating;

2. Certificated for appearance agent with special design, fasion and moving;

3. 10 digital number speed control;

4. With reversion function;

5. Two ways of laminating: Pedal and Digital Display;

6. Just need one person to operate to save labor cost;

7. Heating to 60 degree for cold laminating can avoid bubble and snowflake;

8. High effeciency without inclining by laminating 50 meters;

9. Auto unpacking back paper;

10. Slacking regulation system makes good tension of cold and hot lamination, decreasing risk of wrinkling;

11. Passive pressurization system, regulating press correponding to different material and solve the problem of drapping in thin film.

12. Unilateral linkage, easily up and down;

13. Importing silicone rubber roller with high temperature resistance, good elastistic and long lifespan.

Applied to:

Cold and hot laminating on large format materials, such as outdoor & indoor pictorial advertisement, photo advertisement, studio image, silk-screen printing, X-banner, PVC plate, KT plate etc and laminating on surface protection such as panel, glass, sections,acrylic, wooden door etc.

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